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Noise Suppression Capacitor In Protective, Molded Package For Car And Truck Electrical Systems

Lisle, IL – Tricon Industries, Inc., a leading insert molder and specialized component manufacturer, is producing a line of over-molded noise suppression capacitors for use on passenger car and truck electrical systems. "Automotive alternators and generators, providing power to on-board electrical systems, may produce transient voltage spikes that can negatively effect sensitive, electronic devices," says Rick Zech, Sales Manager, Tricon Industries. "Positioning a capacitor, wired into the electrical harness, near the alternator or generator can reduce the noise produced by voltage spikes to an acceptable level. "

"Any electrical component used 'under the hood' has to stand up to some pretty tough operating conditions," says Rick Zech, Sales Manager, Tricon Industries. "In addition to carrying high current, they must be protected from the elements and be able to stand up to high operating temperatures. Tricon overmolds noise suppression capacitors, with high-temperature rated Polyester thermoplastic to survive in these demanding environments."

The Tricon design produces a one-piece insert molded capacitor with stamped Nizen-Cote steel terminals that replace conventional discrete wiring. These thick stampings safely conduct high currents. The capacitor leads are welded to a steel mounting plate, which is then trimmed after molding to create two, separate circuit paths. The plate provides a rigid, secure mounting platform, and it also acts as a heat sink to maintain efficient operating temperature.

"Tricon Industries produces several versions of these noise suppression capacitor modules," says Mr. Zech. "Different capacitor sizes and mounting hole arrangements can be easily provided. " ESR test of all finished parts is preformed in-house before shipment to North American and European customers.

Tricon Industries, Inc. is a QS-9000/ISO 9001 registered manufacturer specializing in insert molding and specialized components for worldwide automotive, mobile communications and appliance markets. Manufacture of parts like this overmolded capacitor for high temperature, high current applications is considered a "core" business for Tricon Industries. Some of Tricon's recent projects include complex insert molded junction blocks and multifunction switch components, sealed tail light bulbs and circuit stampings, single bulb light sockets, mobile antenna assemblies and wire terminations to circuit components. Today, Tricon provides comprehensive design, project management and manufacturing capabilities that can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Expanded capacity allows Tricon to serve customer needs to insure customer satisfaction and form lasting partnerships with their customers.

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